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Ahead In The Count

Our mission is to give baseball players personalized instruction and support.  Baseball is not only a passion but a path towards achieving a potential college scholarship. 

The time to develop a player's skill level is when they are young.  Teaching proper skill sets is critical to having your player succeed and stand out during regular season play.  This is why we offer our personalized clinics.

Ahead in the Count is also dedicated to helping players on all levels:

* Pitching Instruction
* Hitting instruction

* Fielding and Catching skills
* Tournament and travel team placement
* Live scrimmages/games

* Equipment purchases
* College placement assistance

Featured Instructors:

* Mike Huber - Team Hitting Specialist
* Grant Birely - Pitching Instruction
* Jay Kokora - Pitching Specialist
* Wes Crawford - DCTC baseball

We have the intention to raise the level of your player's game in an independent setting!  While we support and work with the local little leagues and high school programs, we also realize that not every player fits into this system and some players want additional opportunities.

Baseball Teams Looking for Players

Looking for a tournament team for your player?  Look no further.  Check out all the teams in your state that are looking for players in your age group.

CLICK HERE to find teams in your area

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